Sunday, August 1, 2010

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Christine Wenrich

August 1, 2010


You can save articles from the web or parts of articles by highlighting and sending to your library. You can also sticky-note parts of articles. The bookmarked and saved information can be accessed by a number of devices after downloading a small file. My Library is “in the cloud” however and can be accessed on the web.

Classes could simply share ideas about issues with others by giving out the location on the web. Educators can apply for a free upgrade which allows an entire grade to have accounts with pre-set privacy setiings.

Students would be motivated to read articles as they could communicate with their classmates. This is a study aid for research reports – study at school and write at home. A teacher could highlight and share articles with students and get comments back about what was read.

Some students would find this extremely helpful for studying if it works with ebooks. It makes finding information for research reports fast.

Teacher Tube

There are videos, audio, documents and photos on topics of teacher interest for training or the classroom.

It has the sites in a visual format though one can use the search box to access that and others. Students and teachers could grab short informational of training videos on topics, pictures for reports, and audio clips.

This site seems to provide a variety of noncontroversial and useful sites.


Many resources for teachers – lesson plans which can be searched by grade, subject, or title; current information links,

all kinds of advice like first day of school or classroom management; and newsletters.

There are many printables in the bulletin board section which students might use for projects. Teachers might be lucky and run across a great lesson plan.

This seems useful to check through carefully and make a note on what is useful for oneself.

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