Saturday, August 4, 2007

Week 9 - Thing 21

August 18, 2007
PodcastAlley had a good list of library productions as did I preferred the latter because it had a description with the title without having to click on anything. This made for faster skimming. I visited Bookvoyages and listened to a couple podcasts.

Sirsi Dynix Institute turned up in each search. I downloaded Sirsi Dynix onto my iTunes. Later, I saw that you could make an RSS feed with it. You could send it to Bloglines but not Blogspot, so I sent it to my Google homepage. Now there is a whole section on the Google page just for Sirsi. Maybe, in retrospect, I'll put it in the Reader. It's hard to imagine having an hour though, to listen to their podcast.

Educational Podcast Directory has a lot of stuff which I will need to look at a little at a time. The one I started to listen to turned out to be a bit different than what was expected. I little more direction as to which podcasts are worth listening to would be helpful.

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IrmaPince said...

If you have an MP3 player you can listen to it while you ride to work, walk the dog, vacuum the living room...