Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Week 8 - Thing 18

I intend to write a newsy blog entry and attempt to put it into "newstuff4libr ". A postscript will tell how easy this process was.

Well, I did a laundry this morning, sort of a spring cleaning type. My goal is immaculate - to stress the importance of household chores in daily life. I don't expect to get any action, but I'm hoping to be able to make my point. Ben Franklin took the idea of structure in daily life to an extreme, as I understand it, yet I value what he did. Each day he would follow a schedule like clockwork - eat, shower, dress, drive his horse to work.

This laundry shall be followed by ironing, as I am preparing for a weekend trip. This is not to the Bahamas or Club Med, and it is by myself as per usual. However, I will be going to visit someone I like rather than to a cold, unknown, luxury, beach hotel.

To top it off and to break up the monotomy, InfoPeople have a webcast at 12 which I will attempt to log onto.  It is about becoming a consultant, which does not interest me except for the fact that the person who is talking sounds interesting.

Then I plan to dash about to do some errands - bank, drycleaning, return video, buy coffee - and, upon return, compete the ironing set for today.

8/1/07 Well what do you think? Forget the newsy stuff, or continue? Remember in the old days, women used to use men's names to credit their writing because of the worry that women were too vulnerable.

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