Friday, July 27, 2007

Week 6 - Thing 14

Ok...Technorati. I compared searching with,,, and for the term Greyhaven. I was able to find the blogs for specific people using the Technorati and the Google.

The videos found on Technorati about School Library 2.0 were worthwhile! Looking for political viewpoints about the latest news would be fascinating, yet endlessly time consuming. Technorati did have the greatest variety with its search results. I'm not opening an account for lack of any reason at this time.

As far as tags go, I've begun by listing my own from specific to general so that one could skim; for example, looking for the tag "history" at the end of each list. I have a list of eight general tags which each citation/website/etc. would include.

PS I checked Technorati the day after this entry. The term Greyhaven brought this blog onto the listing.

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